Van Rental Guide

Renting a van in Florida requires careful attention to get the best discount.  The best discount can be found when you know exactly what you want and how many people will be in your group. Several type of passenger van that people rent commonly are: 7 passenger vans, 8 passenger van, 10 passenger, 11 passenger van, 12 passenger van, and 15 passenger van. There are also luxury handicap vans as well as handicap accessible vans.

With so many choices; how do we make the right decisions?  It is all depend on your needs. So first focus on the group size and then ask to see if any of the passenger are with limited mobility. If passenger are with limited mobility then you are in luck. Our company offers handicap passenger van at a discounted rate. We are the only company in Florida that offers reliable wheelchair handicap accessible van.

66 dollar per day handicap van rentals

66 dollar per day handicap van rentals

In the case that your group / passengers  are under 12 people. Then the best van to get are 12 passenger van and under. These minivan are wonderful and easy to drive. It helps save gas  for time you are in Florida. In order to get around Florida, you need to drive to get from point A to point B.

15 passenger vans are for large groups. If you are attending sporting events and your entire team is coming along. Then it is time to increase the size of the van so that you can get the best rate for the amount of people.  Keeping everyone together helps make the drive a fun time.

Whatever choices you make for your van rental needs, understand that Florida Van Rentals should be your first decision when it comes to van rental. Our company have a large inventory of vans ready for you when needed.  But be sure to rent ahead of time, our large inventory of vans can only accommodate  so many rentals at once.