Holiday Specials On Handicap Vans

It is the holiday season, and as the digital marketing manager of the company, I am staying behind to finish up on tweaking and revamping the business marketing strategies for the upcoming year.  With the 2016 year right around the corner, I made a promise to help rebuild the company marketing infrastructure to give repeat customers better deals, and help new customer get great deals on passenger van rentals and handicap van rentals.

But the day is winding down, and although our business is open 365 days a year. The marketing team luckily get a day off for the Christmas Holiday.  And so, I must leave you now with an offer to those who are with limited mobility. You are always in my heart and I hope to serve you more in the future.

Holiday Special - 25 dollar off handicap van rentals

Holiday Special – 25 dollar off handicap van rentals

And for those without limited mobility. I wish for you a merry christmas and happy holiday.