Handicap Accessible Van Rentals Guide

handicap accessible van rentals guide

handicap accessible van rentals guide

When renting a handicap van from Florida Van Rentals. There are several things you should know that will help make your decisions alot easier and smoother. The type of van we rent as handicap accessible vans are for passenger who are handicap accessible only, and we don’t offer handicap accessible vans that enable the handicap person become the driver (otherwise known as the adaptive driver).

The next thing you need to consider is what is the dimension of the wheelchair of the passenger.  The reason size matter in this case is because our van can only support a certain amount of weight and size for entry purposes only. This also helps us when we are assigning a handicap accessible van for our customer.  If you have more questions and or concern about your upcoming rental, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (866)322-4400

Where will this van be going? Florida Van Rentals only offer unlimited mileage for driving in the state of Florida only. Depending on the location of pickup, we can allow one day rentals minimum.

Are you looking for special accommodations or equipment to be utilized with the handicap accessible van? We no longer offer mobility equipment for rent, but we have connection to a company that we can refer for you to rent the equipment and they will drop it at our pickup location on the day of your rentals.

Our company is always looking to help you get the most reliable and comfortable handicap accessible van for your trip in Florida.  Make your reservation now, and we will get you $25 dollar of your next rental of 5 days or more. Utilize our promo code: JANRENTAL.