Great destination to visit in Florida as a group, Part 1

It’s the day after Christmas, and everyone is recovering from the massive amount of eggnog they had the previous day. I, myself, is recovering from a headache derived from a huge amount of Thai food coma. Whatever, you are recovering from, it is time to snap out of it and start making plans for the new year party or plans for the new year resolutions.  I am a big pro-supporter of traveling, and one of my favorite thing to do is travel around Florida. And here are some reason why you should make a plan vacation to visit Florida for the first time or return visit as a group. Because traveling as a group is more fun than traveling solo, sometimes (Here are some reasons why you should travel solo). Here are a list of places you should visit in Florida as a group.

  • Downtown Orlando: Church street is well known for an array of world class fine food dining, live entertainment, theater, night clubs, and Orlando’s award winning Amway Center.
  • Orlando Theme Parks: orlando has an massive list of theme parks, it is the capital of theme parks and known as one of the top city to visit in Florida.
  • Miami Beach: Go out as a group to live it up in South Beach. The party never dies down in this iconic beach scene.
  • St. Augustine Beach: Known as the oldest city in the United States.  It has an array of venues for you to stroll around and enjoy the fine food and the massive amount of bars.
  • Punta Cana Florida: Discover this iconic fisherman city in Florida as a group. You’ll love the scene and the welcoming atmosphere.

This is just a short list of places you should visit as a group when coming to Florida. I will add more suggestions at a later date.

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After Christmas Sale On Van Rentals In Florida

After Christmas Sale On Van Rentals In Florida